Mixed Xylene

Mixed-Xylene is a mixture of the three isomers (ortho, meta & para-xylene), and in addition, a certain amount of Ethylbenzene. It is mainly used as a synthesis intermediate or as a solvent by the chemical industry. MixedXylene may be present in some consumer products (such as coatings, cleaning agents, agrochemicals, and fuel).

Parameter Value
Molecular Formula C8H10
Molt Wt 106.1
CAS # [108-38-3]
Description Clear colorless liquid
Sp gravity @ 27/27 deg cel 0.863-0.869
Flashpoint in deg cel 25
Distillation range in deg cel 138.4 ± 2
Purity (%) 99.0 min
Colour (APHA) 10 max


Petroleum Petrochemical